Smarter Segmentation

Data brings relevance.

Flexible, custom data capture and integrations with CRM systems support intelligent, sophisticated marketing. Create automated lists, dissect your data, and use what you know to send the most relevant messages to each subscriber.

A/B Splits

Test everything, modify, repeat.

Every person is unique. Hone in on what works best for your audience by testing different variables across multiple channels. Try endless variables – offers, images, time of day – just set up a sample group and go. We’ll even send the campaign with the winning variable to the remainder of your list.


Humans are built to connect. So is our platform.

We understand that Waterfall is only one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we’ve made it seamless to integrate with any CRM System, Email Service Provider, Point of Sale System, or any other application that wants to connect with us. Bring in data to use for segmentation and personalization, or send back updated subscriber profiles.

Dynamic Field Insertion

Personalize beyond the first name

If you’ve captured it, or can pull it in, we can help you deliver highly personalized messages to individuals. Names are good, but remembering when someone was last in your store, or purchased one of your goods, or knowing the temperature across the country – impresses more. Our Dynamic Field Insertion API can pull in data from any third party site and, you guessed it, dynamically inserts it into your messaging.

The Stream

Have a conversation in realtime

Queue inbound messages for review and response and stay on top of your customer service with ease. Inbound texts can instantly be replied to via sms or email, include attachments, and the full conversation log is always captured. 


Analyze and obsess over your results

You worked hard on creating interactive campaigns – you deserve to know exactly how you did. Waterfall’s reporting capabilities enable you to pull custom reports in real-time based on any metric. We can even stream reports from our system to yours without you needing to do anything.

Messaging Infrastructure

Speed when it matters. Scale on-demand.

The greatest campaigns succeed or fail on the last mile of delivery. Our messaging backbone has more direct carrier connections, higher throughput and greater scale efficiencies than any other, in the US and globally.